New generation of angle grinders

New generation of angle grinders

Power, enducrance and top-performance for any application


FLEX angle grinders: new generation is launched

40 percent longer runtime – power classes up to 2,600 watts


FLEX is considered to be the inventor of the angle grinder and has been proving its competence in this area for decades. The experienced developer and producer is now launching the latest generation of its state of the art FLEX angle grinders: eleven models cover the complete spectrum of possible fields of application. One of the new features will particularly convince users: tests have shown that the new FLEX angle grinders deliver runtimes which are up to 40 percent longer. Also included in the programme is an angle grinder with 18V battery.     


“The new generation of FLEX angle grinders combines optimum power with endurance and performance for any application. Thanks to our new long-life motors, the tools are even more durable and deliver runtimes which are up to 40 percent longer thanks to the modified brush geometry,” emphasises Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX-Elektrogeräte GmbH.

The choice offered by the new programme of FLEX angle grinders showcases once again FLEX’s high level of practical experience in the development of new tools. The grinders are divided into three power classes; up to 1,000 watts there is a choice of three extremely light and handy models: an 800 watt and a 900 watt angle grinder and a 1,050 watt angle grinder as the premium tool in the 1,000 watt segment. Heavy duty and very high efficiency are the distinguishing features of the models in the power class up to 1,500 watts. The 1,400 watt angle grinders are optimised for all fields of application in their power class – from the robust allrounder and the specialist for stainless steel and alloyed steels right through to the professional for grinding work. The specialist for all roughing and grinding work operates in this class with a power consumption of 1,500 watts. Users who need a lot of room to manoeuvre at work put their faith in the powerful 18 V cordless angle grinder from FLEX. Companies and users whose operations require maximum power and robustness will find the right model in the power class above 2,000 watts. They can choose between extremely robust and powerful angle grinders with a power consumption of between 2,100 and 2,400 watts right through to the pure powerhouse: the 2,600 watt two-hand FLEX angle grinder. As is usual with FLEX tools, a comprehensive range of accessories is available for the new generation of angle grinders. The FLEX service App also applies to the angle grinders, whereby the purchaser can automatically extend the warranty for their FLEX professional tool to three years when they register within 30 days of the purchase date.


Powerful grinding and cutting with the L 10-11 125

The new L 10-11 125 1,050 watt angle grinder adds a high-quality and well-equipped angle grinder in the 1,000 watt power class to the FLEX portfolio with immediate effect. Optimised for use in refurbishment, renovation and modernisation work as well as metal working, this angle grinder is in the premium class among the 1,000 watt models. The tool’s newly developed long-life motor improves the service life of the brushes, which perform up to 40 percent better in the test than comparable tools from other manufacturers. The numerous safety features are clearly illustrated on the housing itself by means of stickers. This power class also offers the FLEX LE 9-11 125 900 watt angle grinder with variable speed for working on a building site or metal working in a factory. The L 8-11 115 / 125 800 watt angle grinder scores points with its particularly compact design and its range of possible applications.


Robust “all-rounder” Angle grinder L 14-11 125

The FLEX 1,400 watt angle grinder combines a compact design and robustness with top class features. Optimised for construction site and workshop, the tools have a high overload capacity even with demanding applications. The vibration-damped SoftVib additional handle with integrated clamping nut key provides greater user comfort. The tools are also available with the option of a variable speed setting. The L 14-7 125 INOX version specialises in the working of stainless steel and alloyed steels. The stainless steel specialist provides precisely matched speeds to prevent the heat generated from tarnishing and warping the material. The FLEX L 3406 VRG angle grinder is designed as a professional tool for grinding work and work requiring brush attachments. This model has a slimline rear handle to reduce fatigue when holding. The L 15-10 150 1,500 watt angle grinder is optimised for roughing and grinding work. The ergonomic shape of the handle is ideal for continuous use. Motor and gear have comprehensive dust protection. Maximum room to manoeuvre in this power class is offered by the L 125 18.0-EC 18V cordless angle grinder with brushless EC high-performance motor and lithium-ion battery.


Maximum power for heavy cutting and roughing work

The robust FLEX all-rounders from the power class above 2,000 watts gain the advantage with their powerful, robust and comfort-enhancing Soft-Grip inserts and housing dampers. The characteristic features of these powerful tools are stable and robust steel gearboxes and the spindle bearing protected by a metal cap. The ergonomically designed, very slim motor housings provide optimum guidance and handling. The SoftVib handle is very effective at reducing vibrations. It can be mounted in three positions. Side caps support simple brush changing. The angle grinders FLEX L 21-8 180, L 21-6 230 and L 24-6 230 are available in this power class to match the power required. The 2,600 watt FLEX L 26-6 230 two-hand angle grinder is equipped for maximum power and heavy duty work. “This model is definitely the T-Rex among the angle grinders and the best two-hand angle grinder we have ever developed,” emphasises FLEX Head of Marketing Oliver Gnann-Geiger.


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For FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, based on the south German town of Steinheim/Murr, the craftsman comes first. For this reason, this renowned power tools manufacturer has for over 90 years been going to wherever these are used: Building sites, workshops and factories. Continuous dialogue and many years of experience mean that FLEX is constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions that ensure better and more economical working. FLEX products have already received many awards, including the 'Designpreis Deutschland' 2011, the IF product design award 2011 and the Red Dot Design Award 2014 and the Plus X Award 2014. FLEX currently employs 240 people and sells its products via a global network of trade vendors. More information is available at www.flex-tools.com