New from FLEX: XFE 7-15 150

New from FLEX: XFE 7-15 150

Safe polishing with the XFE 7-15 150 from FLEX.
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Steinheim, March 2017 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is launching onto the market a model for safe polishing in the shape of the new eccentric polisher FLEX XFE 7-15 150. This new development is ideal for finishing paint seals. Its area of use can be greatly extended with the FLEX accessory system that's tailored to the unit. Low heat generation on the surface means that temperature-sensitive materials can also be worked on. The unit's design also incorporates a vibration-optimised eccentric drive for pleasant working in all user groups. The new FLEX XFE 7-15 150 is now available at your dealer.

Thanks to its low abrasiveness, the eccentric polisher is perfect for professional use as a complement to FLEX rotary polishers. Ares of use include for example vehicle restorers and the automotive trade, paint shops and vehicle workshops, but also the smart-repair sector and private users. The features of the new FLEX polisher are designed in every way for quiet, comfortable use. 

Safe guiding, well-considered details

With a powerful 710-Watt motor, this machine is both efficient and, above all,  very compact. The flat gear head means that the distance from the surface is only very short, thus enabling the user to guide the polisher safely in any position. The ergonomically shaped grip hood with SoftGrip provides optimum support. If necessary, a side handle from the accessories range can also be screwed on. The rubberised contact surface ensures that the machine can be put down safely even on sensitive surfaces. Feature details such as the robust FLEX PUR cable with a flexible PUR sheath and the chemical-resistant special Velcro pad once again show that FLEX has geared its innovations towards actual user needs. 

Vibration free for the best results

The vibration-optimised eccentric drive guarantees low noise during operation and therefore pleasant working. Using the specially configured FLEX system accessory ensures an optimum polishing result, minimal vibration and reduced wear of both the unit and the accessories. Another plus point in terms of safety is the accelerator trigger switch of the new FLEX XFE 7-15 150, which allows a slow, sensitive start and has a lock for continuous running. 

Microprocessor for optimum functionality

Thanks to the integrated microprocessor, the FLEX eccentric polisher can be ideally adapted to is respective working environment: The controllable speed ensures a speed adapted for polishing A constant speed can be attained under load thanks to the tachometer generator. The soft-start ensures a smooth start that doesn't damage the materials. Additional safety is provided by the integrated temperature monitoring and a restart protection function that prevents an unintentional start following a power failure. The basic version of the FLEX XFE 7-15 150 is optionally available with a fitted backing pad (Ø 150mm, or the Ø125mm backing pad available as an option) in a box or as a set in the L-BOXX® with two polishing sponges, and with one microfibre cloth, one polish and one sealant.


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