New from FLEX: VCE safety vaccum cleaner

New from FLEX: VCE safety vaccum cleaner

Powerful: VCE safety vacuum cleaner from FLEX.


Steinheim, December 2016 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is replacingits existing range of VCE safety vacuum cleaners and is supplement in git with the model classes 33 and 44. The safety vacuum cleaners for construction sites, workshops and compact applications impress withtheir increased flow rate of up to 4,500 litres per minute. Despite greater efficiency, the new vacuum cleaners are quieter in operation and offer numerous optimised details. The new safety vacuum cleaners will be available from dealers as from January 2017.

The FLEX VCE 33 series offers a choice of three model variants, each with a container volume of 30 litres. Depending on what is needed, models are optimised for dust classes L or M and have manual or automatic filter cleaning. The FLEX VCE 44 series with a container volume of 42 litres has two models each for the dust classes L and M, the model VCE 44 H AC fo rdust class H + asbestos, and the model VCE 44 M AC Air for pneumatic equipment.

Dust-free and low noise

The greater airflow of the new FLEX safety vacuum cleaners helps to make dust removal extremely efficient, thereby making a valuable contribution towards dust-free and healthy working. Another advantage is reduced noise emissions during operation and during the automatic filter cleaning. At 68 dB(A) maximum, these are in the range of normal speaking volume, thereby making use of the vacuum cleaners more healthy. A low centre of gravity means that there is less risk of the vacuum cleaners tipping over. Integrated hose and cable storage and compatibility with the L-Boxx system make transport safe. 

Compatible filters

The clever filter system delivers cost efficiency. The PES folded filters with a Teflon "longlife" coating are designed for a long service life. The size of the fleece filter sacks for the model series 33 and 34 is also identical, which means that companies having several cleaners from these series don't need different fleece inserts. The new FLEX VCE safety vacuum cleaners are also available in 110 V and 120 V variants.


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About FLEX

For FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, based on the south German town of Steinheim/Murr, the craftsman comes first. For this reason, this renowned power tools manufacturer has for over 90 years been going to wherever these are used: Building sites, workshops and factories. Continuous dialogue and many years of experience mean that FLEX is constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions that ensure better and more economical working. FLEX products have already received many awards, including the 'Designpreis Deutschland' 2011, the IF product design award 2011 and the Red Dot Design Award 2014 and the Plus X Award 2014. FLEX currently employs 240 people and sells its products via a global network of trade vendors. More information is available at www.flex-tools.com