New from FLEX: Self-levelling crossline laser ALC 2/1-G and ALC 3/1-G

New from FLEX: Self-levelling crossline laser ALC 2/1-G and ALC 3/1-G

Precision working with green laser technology
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FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH:

Precision working with green laser technology

Steinheim, February 2018 – The electric tool manufacturer FLEX has expanded its laser programme: the new spectrum of products includes the ALC 2/1-G and ALC 3/1-G self-levelling crosshair lasers with extremely bright green laser light and the ADM 60 Li laser rangefinder. The compact tools determine lengths, areas and volumes with precision and point accuracy both indoors and outdoors. The quantities of material required and the amount of work involved can thus be calculated much better, avoiding the expense of surplus material. 

“G stands for green! Our innovative ALC 2/1-G and ALC 3/1-G self-levelling crosshair lasers are characterised by their extremely bright and therefore easily visible green laser light, which significantly extends the functional range of all previous models,” confirms Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. “The green line is now much clearer and easily visible even under bad lighting conditions.”

Self-levelling crosshair laser

The ALC 2/1-G self-levelling crosshair laser from FLEX generates two green laser lines, one horizontal, the other vertical. They can be projected individually or together as required into an operating field of up to 20 metres. The practical building laser projects easily visible laser lines onto target points indoors to make detailed work plans even more precise.

The ALC 3/1-G self-levelling crosshair laser produces one horizontal green laser line at an angle of 90° to two vertical green laser lines. The additional red plumbline function produces a vertical punctiform laser beam to support precision working on walls and ceilings; it is also perfect for aligning the tripod. The user can choose between four measurement levels: pin, rear, front and tripod. Further advantages are a multi-line illuminated display, the option to switch between measurement units in mm/m and inch/feet, and an integrated Li-polymer rechargeable battery.

Both crosshair lasers have the following feature: when the self-levelling range is exceeded, an optical warning signal appears. The self-levelling function can be switched off if desired. The crosshair lasers are operated by an intuitive single button making them easy to use and thus preventing operating errors. A high-quality two-part housing protects the product against damage.

ADM 60 Li Rangefinder

The innovative ADM 60 Li laser rangefinder from FLEX has a new, bigger display and a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery, which can be charged via a USB cable. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, the ADM 60 Li not only measures distances between two points, but also areas and volumes. The ADM 60 Li uses indirect distance measurement to determine precise heights as well. Flooring and decorating specialists, for example, can now precisely calculate the material and the staff required, thus saving costs. The user can immediately see the exact measurement value on the large, illuminated display even in bad lighting conditions.

The rangefinder is flexible to use thanks to its compact dimensions of 122 x 56 x 28 millimetres and low weight of only 130 grams, and is thus easy to keep to hand. 

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