New from FLEX: MXE 1001 and MXE 1602

New from FLEX: MXE 1001 and MXE 1602

“Made in Germany” range of mixers is expanded
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FLEX MXE 1001 and MXE 1602:

“Made in Germany” range of mixers is expanded

Steinheim, February 2018 – Two new mixers supplement the tried and tested MXE range from FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. “With the MXE 1602, we are launching our new flagship,” says Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. “And with our MXE 1002 we are filling the gap in the single-gear mixer range with a high-speed mixer.” The manually operated mixers combine ergonomic design with maximum robustness and torque. FLEX has supplemented its current product range encompassing the MXE 1000, 1002, 1200 and 1202 by launching its MXE 1001 and 1602. The new FLEX mixers are available from authorised dealers from January 2018.

“Our MXE 1000, 1001, 1002, 1200, 1202 and 1602 models cover the whole spectrum of mixing tasks which have to be done on a building site. For a painter, a plasterer or a bricklayer – FLEX has carefully taken all mixing tasks into account in the development of the new MXE range,” says Oliver Gnann-Geiger.

MXE 1001: Robust single-gear transmission for high torque

The MXE 1001 universal 1,010 watt single gear mixer is a tried and tested standard mixer which provides users with optimum support in the lower speed range, for the slow stirring of filler compounds, for example. It is suitable for mixing applications up to 40 kg. The MXE 1001 fills the gap in the single-gear mixer range by having higher speeds than the MXE 1000.

MXE 1602: 1,600 watt 2-gear mixer with 3-level speed switch

The MXE 1602 expands the MXE range with a fully electronic version. The hefty and powerful MXE 1602 1,600 watt 2-gear mixer is universally useful for nearly all building materials and its second gear provides it with a high torque in all speed ranges. The full-wave electronic control provides a soft start, temperature monitoring and overload protection.

A convenient 3-speed switch allows the optimum mixing speed for the various phases of mixing to be set. The model can be used for mixing applications up to 90 kg.

Functional details

The different models in the new range of FLEX mixers convince the user with their well-thought-out details:

• Robust aluminum diecast gearbox for a long service life

• 3-speed switch for a smooth transition between slow stirring, mixing and cleaning

• Large accelerator trigger switch with lock and soft start

• 2-gear dial switch with spindle stop

• 2-gear transmission with spindle stop and turning stop function

• M 14 tool holder with 53 mm collar diameter

• Full rubber protectors protect against damage

• Ergonomic design and high centre of gravity for safe operation even in viscous mixtures

The MXE 1602 is the first FLEX mixer to comply with the new Machinery Directive for mixers which has been in force since April 2017. The new DIN 62841-2-10 standard applies to mixers for the first time and allows higher start and overload moments than the previous standard. All MXE mixers will comply with this standard in the future.

FLEX’s new MXE 1001 and MXE 1602 mixers will be available from January 2018 at the recommended retail price of € 189.00 (MXE 1001) and € 379.00 (MXE 1602) plus VAT. The standard supply includes a matching mixing rod and open-ended spanner.

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