New from FLEX: laser tool ALC 8

New from FLEX: laser tool ALC 8

Positioning by laser
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Positioning by laser


FLEX launches the ALC 8 - a multi-talented laser tool


Steinheim, May 2018 - FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is expanding its range of lasers with the new ALC 8 laser tool for interior work.  Equipped with a self-levelling multi-line laser, this latest development is a complete solution for all interior levelling work undertaken by specialists in the building trades: starting with painters, interior decorators and dry liners, tilers and window installers through to electrical, sanitary and heating installers.


The self-levelling multi-line laser of the FLEX ALC 8 generates a horizontal 360° laser line and four vertical laser lines at a 90° angle plus plumb line. The positioning work required when installing a suspended ceiling or inserting electrical sockets is completed quickly and easily thanks to the 360° line. The 90° angles projected can be rotated and fine-tuned manually, where necessary. This makes it easy to align stud walls correctly, for example


Sophisticated details

"The FLEX ALC 8 scores lots of points with its sophisticated details, which make it precise and flexible to use," says Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX. "The adjustable 360° graduated circle with additional vernier adjustment mechanism facilitates the optimum alignment of the laser without losing the plumb spot," adds Gnann-Geiger. Further features are an integrated floor-standing tripod for perfect positioning and a 5/8" tripod mounting thread for building site tripods. An adapter can be inserted for ¼" threads, when required.


Optimised for the building site

The FLEX ALC 8 is integrated into a high-quality three-part housing which offers secure protection against damage both in transport and in operation and is ideal for routine use on the building site. The laser unit is completely decoupled from the housing by means of rubber bearings and is thus provided with optimal transport protection as well. Users of the FLEX ALC 8 achieve maximum flexibility with the integrated Li polymer battery. The three-colour LED on the exterior housing indicates the current charge state - ranging from discharged through 50% charged to fully charged. The USB charging cable which is supplied allows simple and fast charging without tiresome battery change and can also be combined with the PS 10.8/18.0 FLEX battery adaptor.


Simple, safe operation

The FLEX ALC 8 has a simple, self-explanatory operating menu so operating mistakes are prevented right from the start. An optical and acoustic warning signal is given when the self-levelling range is exceeded. In addition, the transport lock is coupled to the on/off switch so that the laser pendulum is automatically secured when the tool is switched off.


The FLEX ALC 8 is expected to be available from dealers from May 2018 at a recommended retail price of € 299.00 excl. VAT. The standard supply includes a carrying case, one USB charging lead and 1 USB charger.


((2.929 char. incl. SP))


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