New from FLEX: GE 5 / GE 5 R

New from FLEX: GE 5 / GE 5 R

The new FLEX Giraffe® – the lightest and the best.


Steinheim, May 2014 – Optimum ease of use, surprising versatility and quality that's "Made in Germany": The new FLEX Giraffe® is now even lighter and more flexible. Weighing just 3.9 kilogrammes, it is about one kilogramme lighter than its predecessor – which makes it one of the lightest long-neck sanders on the market. For craftsmen and professionals this means ergonomical and balanced overhead working without putting much strain on the body.

The optimum centre of gravity and the reduced weight of the new FLEX Giraffe® makes overhead working much easier. The oval-shaped guide tube with a grip recess and the unit's optimum centre of gravity provide additional comfort during sanding. If required, the new long-neck sander from FLEX can be extended with an optional extension tube that can be fitted without using tools – enabling the user to reach a ceiling height of up to 3.20 metres when working. 

Proven FLEX drive technology with a powerful motor

The new Giraffe® impresses with a powerful 500 Watt motor that has overload protection and constant speed control. The proven FLEX drive technology with which a flexible drive shaft transfers the power from the motor to the sanding plate is also integrated. Stepless speed control allows the speed to be optimally adjusted during sanding. The innovative FLEX construction principle reduces the weight at the head of the Giraffe® to a minimum.

Dust-free and healthy working thanks to a special extractor

The brush rim with spring bearings on the extractor hood prevents accidental sanding marks when the sander touches the surface. The extractor between the brush rim and the sanding plate prevents rapid clogging of the abrasive medium, thereby ensuring almost dust-free working. Thanks to a 100° angle of inclination, the gimbal-mounted sanding head allows maximum flexibility and optimum adjustment while sanding walls and ceilings. 

Time-saving: sanding right up to the edge – thanks to the contour segment

The new GE 5 R with its rotating contour sanding head can sand not just surfaces but also edges and wall/ceiling transitions in one work step – which saves time and eliminates the need to use special machines.

Robust transport bag: Storage space and very comfortable to carry

The new Flex Giraffe® is available in two versions: GE 5 with the classic round sanding head and the GE 5 R with the round sanding head and integrated contour segment. Also included in the scope of delivery (depending on the kit version) of the new Flex Giraffe® is a light and robust transport bag that has enough storage space for accessories. The tear-resistant fabric material and special shaped foam parts provide optimum protection. Long carrying handles also ensure that the bag is very comfortable to carry. 


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