New from FLEX: Cordless Circular Saw CS 62 18.0-EC

New from FLEX: Cordless Circular Saw CS 62 18.0-EC

Powerful & compact
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New FLEX cordless circular handsaw CS 18.0-EC

Powerful & compact

Steinheim, February 2018 – with its CS 62 18.0-EC cordless circular handsaw FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH announces a new generation of cordless and powerful circular handsaws. The cordless circular handsaw is equipped with special 165 mm saw blades and is a multi-purpose tool for roofers, those working in timber and drywall construction, and for anyone who wants the freedom of mobility when sawing without a cable getting in the way. For gypsum, cement fibre board or timber materials:  With 5,000 revolutions per minute and a cutting depth of up to 65 mm, the cordless tool speedily cuts through all materials – particularly long operating times with all FLEX 18 V battery packs. The cordless circular handsaw thus combines ergonomic design with maximum robustness and high torque – so it performs to the same level as the mains-operated tools in the CS range.  The new FLEX CS 18.0-EC with pendulum hood is available from authorised dealers from March 2018.

 “On the roof or on the ground, for angular cuts requiring precise repitition and guided cuts on the FLEX guide rail – the CS 62 18.0-EC shows what innovative circular handsaws can do today. It scores with its versatility, flexible use and maximum precision,” confirms Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX.  “Painters, those who work on drywall construction, joiners and carpenters demand mobility and autonomy nowadays. FLEX provides this with its powerful and brushless EC-TEC motor combined with 18 V high-performance batteries for more power and endurance.”

Practical and easy to use
The new FLEX cordless circular handsaw also scores with its ease of use: The saw blade is easy to change, the cutting angle of up to 50 degrees can be adjusted by the craftsman with the aid of a scale within the field-of-view of the user. A guide rail adapter can be mounted without the aid of a tool via a “Clip & Cut function”. Optimum and precise guidance is provided by the ergonomically shaped handle with SoftGrip, a useful additional handle ensures the saw can be operated safely with two hands. A cutting lamp provides optimum illumination of the cutting area and offers a clear view of the marking. A dust collection bag ensures the work is not as dusty; it is easy to empty and has a bayonet fitting for tool-free attachment.

Functional details                                                                                                                   

The innovative FLEX cordless circular handsaw CS 18.0-EC also convinces with its well-thought out technical details for demanding work:

·       Electronic management system (EMS) protects the tool, extends its service life, and increases efficiency

·       Powerful brushless 18.0 V EC motor with overload protection and temperature monitoring

·       LED rechargeable battery status display

·       Doubly clamped pivoting element: prevents the saw blade jamming when sawing angular cuts and thus reduces the danger of kick-back

·       Spindle lock for fast change of saw blades

·       Pivoting range from -1° to 50° for undercuts and pre-cut function for perfect face edges

·       Intuitive clamp lever for cutting depth adjustment, cutting depth is easy to read off 

·       Connector for external 27 mm diameter dust extraction or stepped adapter

The new FLEX cordless circular handsaw CS 62 18.0-EC with pendulum hood will be available from March 2018 at the recommended retail price of € 249.00 plus VAT.  


((3.459 char. incl. SP))


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