2016 industry prize BEST OF for TRINOXFLEX

2016 industry prize BEST OF for TRINOXFLEX

Award for FLEX power tools.


Steinheim, April 2016 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has been awarded the 2016 industry prize in the BEST OF category for the innovative TRINOXFLEX surface system. An independent expert jury made up of professors, scientists, industry experts and journalists chose the new FLEX innovation as the best from among 14 category winners. The official prize-giving will be held on 25th April at the Hanover trade fair. TRINOXFLEX is a variable surface system for stainless steel finishing. It is comprised of a basic drive unit and an attachment each for burnishing and pipe belt sanding. TRINOXFLEX will probably be available from authorised dealers from May 2016 onwards.

With the new TRINOXFLEX, FLEX offers a versatile surface system for stainless steel finishing. "We are proud that TRINOXFLEX has impressed the discerning industry prize jury and that it's even been placed among the best of this year's prizewinners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Huber Publishing for New Media and the panel of jurors", said Oliver Gnann-Geiger, head of marketing at FLEX-Elektrogeräte GmbH. The prestigious industry prize is awarded annually by Huber Publishing for New Media in recognition of particularly advanced industrial products and solutions. The evaluation criteria assess the progress and the benefits from an economical, social, ecological and technological standpoint. 

Economical: Less pollution

TRINOXFLEX is optionally available as a basic drive with a burnishing attachment or pipe belt attachment, as well as a complete set with two attachments. The high-performance 1450-Watt motor is extremely durable, being effectively protected against metal dust by a triple-reinforced winding on the armature and collector. Since the motor is optimised for both attachments, users only require one motor for two fields of application. This means that fewer machines must be disposed of at the end of their service life. 

Ecological: Faster workflow

To obtain the end result, conventional systems often require different types of sandpaper involving time-consuming replacement. With TRINOXFLEX, a separate roller/air roller can be fitted with the correct sandpaper for each finishing step and used multiple times. Thanks to a patented quick-change system, the changing procedure is convenient and very fast. This allows users to adapt the machine to the respective work step more quickly and to work more effectively.


Useful technological features

The proven user knowledge of FLEX is brought to bear in other well thought-out details of TRINOXFLEX:

  • Clamping lever: Simply releasing the clamping lever enables the tool attachment to be changed comfortably and quickly.
  • Quick-action coupling: The innovative quick-action coupling allows quick, tool-free changing and variable positioning of the tool attachments. The handle's position can be adjusted.
  • Pipe belt attachment: The high-quality light alloy sanding arm with spring bearings and two deflection rollers wraps around pipes up to max. 270° and allows working close up to the edge at wall junctions. Guard plates prevent chips from flying off towards the user. The vulcanised drive roller aids safe belt running.

Oliver Gnann-Geiger emphasised that "the awarding of the 2016 industry prize BEST OF to TRINOXFLEX is testimony to the fact that FLEX innovations are at the forefront of the industry and bring valuable advantages for users". 


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For FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, based on the south German town of Steinheim/Murr, the craftsman comes first. For this reason, the renowned manufacturer of grinding machines and power tools has been going to wherever these are used: onto construction sites, into workshops and into factories. Continuous dialogue and many years of experience mean that FLEX is constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions that ensure better and more economical working. FLEX products have already won many awards, including the 2016 industry prize BEST OF, the Red Dot Design Award 2014, the Plus X Award 2014, the 'Designpreis Deutschland' 2011 and the IF Product Design Award 2011. FLEX currently employs 240 people and sells its products via a global network of trade vendors. More information is available at www.flex-tools.com.