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Metalworking: One for all.


The TRINOXFLEX from FLEX offers users a comprehensivesystem for surface finishing. The system is complementedby the BME 8-4 for small radii and small workpiece diameters.Even more flexibility, even more possible combinations andeven more applications – this is the goal of both the smalland the large TRINOXFLEX tools.




Choice of 2 motors – lots of new possibilities

The new compact range with the BME 8-4

The small tool is based on a 800-watt motorand offers variable speeds of 0-4,000 rpm forthe new compact attachments for burnishing,pipe belt sanding or belt sanding. 

1. BF 140 Sanding attachment, belt sander 
2. BR 50 Sanding attachment, pipe belt  
3. BS 50 Sanding attachment, burnishing

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The BME 14-3 offers a great choice

The large tool is based on a 1400-watt motor, offers variable speeds of 1,000-3,500 rpm and can be flexibly combined with all attachments.

BF 140 Sanding attachment, belt sander
2 BS 50 Sanding attachment, burnishing
3 BR 50 Sanding attachment, pipe belt
4 BR 125 Sanding attachment, pipe belt
5 BS 100 Sanding attachment, burnishing
6 BB 110 Attachment, burnishing

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All attachments are easy to operate

90° gear case
Convenient and comfortable to work with

Hardened collar 
Prevents the attachments from seizing up

Drive unit is protected against metal dust
- Protective cage on the winding end of the armature
- Armoured winding at the commutator
- Epoxy-coated stator

Clean + safe working
- Insulated cable connections
- Labyrinth sealing ring on the collector

Tool change is so simple

Spindle lock

For rapid, tool-free locking

Quick-action coupling

Makes the tool easy to detach.

Clamping lever

Position of tool and handle can be varied.

TRINOXFLEX - One for all