Perfection in all classes


Seven newly developed safety vacuum cleaners. Comfort, control and so many good ideas down to the smallest detail – in the unique FLEX way: Delivering maximum performance against dust, dirt and harmful substances, the new VCE generation impresses with its superior technology, significantly quieter operation and a robust, compact design for greater stability and easy handling. Reliable in use, uncomplicated in its handling.

Class L

For all vacuuming and cleaning jobs without harmful dusts. 

Suitable for all dusts with TLV values > 1 mg/m³.

Class M

For vacuuming hazardous dusts with automatic filter cleaning. 

Suitable for all dusts with TLK values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³. Specially for mineral dusts and wood dusts (including beech and oak).

Class H

Approved for dealing with asbestos and the right choice for removing mildew. 

Suitable for dry, hazardous, non-flammable substances and carcinogenic substances with TLK values < 0.1 mg/m³.

Convincing arguments from all sides


Very simple handling, optimum product geometry and good responses to any challenge during work are what make the new VCE generation of vacuum cleaners so unique.

  • A full 1400 Watts of power
  • Optimised air flow for maximum negative pressure
  • Max. flow rate 4500 l/min
  • Max. negative pressure 25000 Pa

Clever details in every respect

Digital electronics for optimum performance management

– Automatic filter cleaning
– LEDs as an visual warning signal if the statutory flow rate (≤ 20m/s) is not reached. Only M and H vacuum cleaners.

2   Control unit for manual cleaning

3   Retaining lugs for system accessories, lashing straps or the giraffe holder, for example

4   Inox suction pipe, elbow. nozzles and brush

5   Tool socket for connecting tools even without vacuuming

6   Metal handle for comfortable handling (included with the VCE 44 M AC Air)

7   Hose and cable stowage for transport

8    Possible to connect of L-BOXX® and systainers on the motor housing

9   Antistatic finish for maximum safety

10   Water level control facility with automatic switch-off

11   Integrated grip recess for simple emptying of the container

12   Sealing cap: Standard feature on M and H vacuum cleaners

13   Metal rollers with brake function

14   Low centre of gravity, for less of a tendency to tip over

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Double-walled container for reduced working and cleaning noise and greater stability

Compact and practical with L-BOXX®

Practical cable hanger with expander on the back of the appliance

Durable Class M fleece filter bag (suitable for all appliances)

Easy access via the service hatch. Robust and durable Teflon nano-coated flat-fold filter with a separation efficiency of min. 99,9%, washable.

Separate motor air cooling duct with PES coarse dirt filter for optimum cooling and a long service life.

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FLEX cordless vacuum cleaner for mobile use


Compact, handy and lightweight vacuum cleaner for mobile use with 18 V battery power.

Perfect for the professional cleaning of vehicles, workshops, storage rooms, final assembly, offices etc.

  • Small, compact, mobile
  • Powerful with 18 V battery power
  • Manual filter cleaning
  • Storage of accessories through integrated brackets, incl. carrying strap
  • FLEX power tools can be connected with ease using the clip system for extraction work