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The right combination for perfect surfaces



There are good reasons why FLEX polishers are the first choice of the professionals. FLEX has been defining the high technological standard for premium polishers for more than 80 years and thus has unique know-how which ensures our tools are noticeably better.

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The optimum result is achieved only with the correct choice of polishing medium. The user must be familiar with the different effects produced by foams or fibre-based products such as fleece, wool and microfibre pads if they are to achieve the desired abrasive effect. The new FLEX pads with colourcoded system provide clear guidance here.

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The FLEX system is rounded off with perfectly coordinated abrasive, finishing and sealing polishes. They are the perfect match for our system and are silicone-free, of course.

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Shine with FLEX


Three things are needed for the perfect surface finish: skill, the right feel, and FLEX, of course. Whether you are a professional working in a paint shop, an automotive all-rounder or have ambitious aims for your hobby - FLEX allows everyone to shine with the optimum system of polisher, pad and polish.


Particularly important is the right combination, because with the correct components to suit your experience, the material and the condition of the paintwork, you are certain to achieve brilliant results.

Achieve your goal with the correct drive

Experience and task determine the technology needed. FLEX provides the whole range of drive technologies for polishers and thus solutions for all types of user, be they a professional or a beginner with little experience. As a matter of principle: rotary polishers belong exclusively in experienced hands because of their high removal rate and usually require subsequent finishing with a random orbital polisher.


  • Highest removal rate
  • Rotary polishers require experience
  • Quickest way to remove scratches
  • Hologram formation possible

Random orbital, with positive-action drive

  • Good removal rate
  • No hologram formation
  • Ideal for removing scratches and for finishing
  • Wide range of applications

Random orbital, free running

  • Suitable for all types of user
  • Easy handling
  • No hologram formation
  • Low removal rate
  • Perfect for finishing

Shine with FLEX