FLEX Giraffe®. Effortlessly the best.

Uniquely light. Well thought-out material use and a weight-optimised design: At 3.9 kilogrammes, the FLEX Giraffe® is almost a full kilogramme lighter than its predecessor. This makes handling even better, and work fatigue-free. On high ceilings as well as on walls. As easy to handle as it looks. The unique balance concept of the FLEX Giraffe® GE 5/GE 5 R guarantees relaxed, equilibrated working. Makes sanding noticeably more comfortable thanks to an optimum centre of gravity and extremely simple operation. The spade handle, the slender tube with a grip recess and the optimised joint are other features that make the ergonomics of this tool exemplary. And what’s more, the FLEX Giraffe® is practically vibration-free.

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Extractor hood with a brush ring
The brush rim with spring bearings prevents accidental sanding marks when the sander touches the surface and ensures optimum dust removal.

Gimbal suspension
The gimbal-mounted sanding head with the optimised joint ensures great flexibility and optimum adjustment while sanding walls and ceilings.

Rotary sanding head that works right up to the edge*
Whether at an edge or a wall/ceiling transition: Now you can even sand in places that you previously had to finish with special machines.
*Model GE 5 R

Flexible drive shaft
From the motor to the sanding plate: for reliable power transmission, great flexibility and a minimised weight at the head of the Giraffe® for easy handling.

Ergonomic guide tube
Comfortable handling thanks to a slender oval guide tube with grip recess – optionally with an easy-to-use extension for a maximum working height of 3.20 m.

Full-wave electronic control
The speed control allows an adjusted speed for sanding, while the full-wave electronic control keeps the speed constant under load. Also: Overload protection via current control.

Innovative suction connection
Direct connection of the extractor hose with the FLEX clip-system.

On/Off switch
Accelerator switch for a slow and sensitive start and a lock for continuous running.

Spade handle
For flexible and comfortable working. Protects the hose against bending when the machine is switched off.

Thanks to an extension that can be clicked into place without using tools, you can work with the FLEX Giraffe® to sand comfortably and safely even when the room is up to 3.20 m high. The extension module is also ideally suited to the FLEX Okapi®.