FLEX Battery system


Power. And power without limit.


The latest cell technology, a patented cooling system and active heat management ensure:

  • Unbeatable power and performance
  • Longer runtime
  • Extremely long lifetime

KEEP COOLTM – Cooling system for maximum battery power without limits


The battery cells are covered by a cooling material which actively absorbs the excess heat and reduces heat generation. The KEEP COOLTM technology therefore prevents the battery from overheating.

The batteries last much longer at maximum power.


A high number of charging processes can damage battery packs, they lose their capacity and the service life is increasingly reduced. The KEEP COOLTM technology also significantly reduces the loss of capacity.

Extremely long battery life – guaranteed.


KEEP CONTROL – Heat management for long lifetime


The battery management system monitors voltage, temperature and controls the charging process:

During operation, the electronics in the battery pack measure the cell voltage and the temperature, these data are transmitted to the tool. The electronics in the tool monitor and measure the voltage.

While charging, the electronics in the battery pack monitor and measure the voltage, temperature and current, thereby controlling the charging parameters. The electronics in the battery pack evaluate the charging status and ensure that the battery is charged as gently as possible.

For an extended battery pack lifetime and fast, gentle charging.

And with the FLEX quick charger, the battery and charger are permanently cooled, which additionally ensures an even faster and more gentle charging process.

10.8 and 18 Volt – the best solution for every application


From light to heavy duty, machines with a top price-performance ratio to the latest brushless technology, the FLEX battery range offers everything you need.

Brushless EC technology for even more power and no need for tool maintenance


The brushless FLEX motors are extremely robust, low-wear and true power generators in everyday work. And in combination with the Flex battery technology, a superior product and drive concept is created for maximum performance and maximum flexibility.

  • Up to 65% longer runtime
  • Up to 10x longer lifetime
  • Up to 30% more power