FLEX RED BEAST INSIDE 100 Years Special Edition Polishing machine


The limited polishing machine special edition

83kg high-strength aluminum from a 4000hp dragster engine - from this we have built a strictly limited number of polishing machines as a special edition for the 100th anniversary.

Michael Winter from Heartbeat Racing was immediately enthusiastic and provided us with the engine block of his RED BEAST.

The unique FLEX power technology with the DNA of a 4000 hp dragster, the FLEX Limited Edition:

The story 100 Years Limited Edition:

Polishing machine XC 3401 VRG

With Michael Winter from Heartbeat-Racing and his RED BEAST Dragster.

With the power of transformation we have created something really big! A spectacular product that has never been seen before and will never be seen again! A total of 83 kilograms of high strength aluminum from a 4000 horsepower dragster engine, melted down to make the RED BEAST Dragster immortal. A 4000 hp monster power engine transmits its DNA - FLEX Limited Edition: RED BEAST INSIDE - born to proform!

Tested by real proformers

The FLEX Limited Edition - tested by real professionals from the craft.

„I love the BEAST.“

Mike Phillips
Professional Detailer

Only available in North America.
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