3-year warranty on FLEX power tools

The all-round worry-free package for power tools

3-year warranty

Product registration

The 3-year warranty from FLEX

Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure FLEX premium quality.

That's why we offer you a free all-round carefree package with our 3-year warranty - on all power tools, Li-ion batteries, associated chargers and laser measuring instruments.

To benefit from the warranty, simply register your appliance within 30 days of purchase:
  • Warranty period extended to three years
  • Service certificate in case repairs become necessary
  • Tracking the repair status if the appliance is under warranty

Warranty app

Prefer to be on the move?

FLEX Warranty App - 3-Jahres-Garantie bei FLEX als App

Do you always want to have your warranty certificates on your smartphone and manage them on the go? No problem – the FLEX Warranty app lets you conveniently use the 3-year warranty service while you're on the move.

Simply download the free app to use the service:

Warranty statement

All power tools manufactured by FLEX Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH (hereinafter 'products') are meticulously inspected, tested and subjected to strict quality controls.

Consequently, with effect from 1st January 2016, FLEX Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH (hereinafter 'FLEX') guarantees end customers (hereinafter 'customers') of products delivered to Germany or Austria and duly registered with FLEX that any such products shall remain free of manufacturing or material defects for a period of three years from the date of purchase. At its own discretion and cost, FLEX will remedy any such claimed-for defects by means of repair or delivery of new or refurbished products or product parts. This warranty does not restrict the buyer's statutory warranty claims arising from the purchase contract with the seller or the buyer's other statutory rights. Other claims of the customer against FLEX, particularly claims for compensation or consequential loss/damage, are precluded.

The above warranty declaration is limited to all power tools*, Li-ion batteries and associated chargers as well as laser measuring instruments purchased on 1st January 2016 or later. Accessories included within standard deliveries are not covered by the warranty.

Claims arising from this warranty shall be accepted only insofar as:

  • the product shows no signs of damage or wear caused by use not in accordance with the normally intended purpose and/or manufacturer's instructions (particularly the operating instructions and other documentation supplied with the product);
  • the product shows no signs of damage or signs of wear indicating continuous heavy wear and tear, e.g. due to commercial tool rental / commercial tool hire or sustained above-average use of the product in continuous industrial operation, or which indicate the use of force, damage due to external influences (e.g. falling, impact) or due to foreign bodies (e.g. sand or stones);
  • if only original FLEX accessories have been installed in the product; if the product does not have any features that indicate repairs or other interventions (modifications, additions, disassembly) by workshops not authorised by FLEX;
  • the product has been correctly maintained to an appropriate extent.

This warranty does not cover claims for normal wear and tear of the product within the normal scope and extent of use. The warranty for Li-ion batteries is limited to 700 charging cycles.

Claims arising from this warranty require the customer to have registered the respective product with FLEX Service within 30 days of purchase and to have printed out the registration confirmation. In order to make a claim under the warranty, the end customer must present the original purchase receipt, on which the respective product designation and the date of purchase must be recognisable, together with the confirmation of registration.

Registration by dealers or commercial resellers on behalf of the end customer is permitted. Registration by dealers or commercial resellers on their own behalf is not permitted. Dealers or commercial resellers are excluded from the warranty claim.

Warranty repairs are carried out solely by FLEX-authorised workshops or service stations in Germany or Austria. In the event of claims being asserted under this warranty, the product in question must be submitted to the respective location by the customer together with the original purchase receipt and confirmation of registration.

This warranty is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

*Does not apply to H Class vacuum cleaners

*The warranty period commences upon purchase of the new appliance by the first end user. The date on the original purchase receipt is authoritative.

Note for the shipment of FLEX batteries

Special regulations must be observed when shipping rechargeable batteries and batteries. For more information, please refer to the document below.

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