MXE 1200 + WR2 140

1200 watt 1-speed mixer with 3-level speed switch

Standard supply
  • 1× WR2 140x600 M14 (368997)
  • 1× Schlüssel, Einmaul SW22 MXE (439975)
Technical data
Dimensions WxLxH405 x 215 x 340
0 - 210/325/530
Power consumption1200
Power output710
Cable length4.0
Max. mixing basket diameter140
Tool holder, mixerM14
Clamping collar diameter53


  • Large, rugged single-speed gear unit with optimum gear ratio for high torque
  • Full-wave electronic control: with soft start, temperature monitoring, overload protection and accelerator switch - for a controlled run-up to the optimum mixing speed. Sustained power in all speed ranges
  • Comfortable 3-level switch can be reached from the grip position without interrupting work, protected by a rubber sleeve. Level 1: cleaning, level 2: stirring up, level 3: mixing
  • On/off switch with lock and protection at power interruption. Ideal for stationary operation in a mixing station
  • The flexible rubber sleeve over the on/off switch prevents the ingress of dirt. No malfunctions caused by jammed switches
  • Ergonomic handles on the drive unit: low weight, fatigue-free arm posture and upright body posture allow comfortable, ergonomic operation
  • Four corner guards with rubber buffer provide secure storage during transportation and offer protection against shocks and impacts at the building site
  • Protective cap above the motor housing guides the cooling air flow and prevents the ingress of splashing water
  • Spindle lock with start-up protection. Simplifies exchange of the mixing paddle
  • For mixed applications up to 60 kg
  • With mixing paddle WR2 for mixture: pasty to tough. Tile adhesive, grout, filler compound, adhesive, finished plaster, adhesive mortar, ...

Matching accessories

  • RR2 120x600 M14
    Spiral paddle RR2
  • 2 Versions
    Helix paddle WR3R
  • 2 Versions
    Helix paddle WR3L
  • 2 Versions
    Disc paddle SR2
  • Helix paddle WR2
  • 2 Versions
    Beater RB

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