Angle grinders with constant speed
Angle grinders with variable speed
Special applications

High-performance angle grinders with cable or battery, for cutting metal, stone and concrete.

FLEX angle grinders . the original

The powerful FLEX angle grinders are very versatile. The range of corded angle grinders covers all jobs from 900 to 2600 watts. They're complemented by the cordless angle grinders for mobile work and with features of the highest standard.
FLEX angle grinders offer a wide range of features, such as a vibration-reducing soft-vib side handle, anti-kickback, electronic brake and brushless EC motors that deliver greater efficiency and longer service life.

Angle grinders

Angle grinders are electrically powered tools, either wired or cordless, and also known as cut-off machines. With a high number of revolutions per minute, angle grinders or cut-off machines can cut, grind and cut a variety of materials. Whether it's metal, wood, stone or concrete, all you need for a cutting is the right discs, for example with a diameter up to 125 mm or 230 mm. FLEX has the right cutting disc for every material.

The disc-shaped tool rotates at a speed of up to 13,300 revolutions per minute for 115 mm disc diameters, and up to 12,200 revolutions per minute for 125 mm.

Using angle grinders

Angle grinders are ideal for cutting grinding materials. A a high-quality angle grinder can be used to machine metal, stone, and concrete, as well as wood or tiles. Different discs enable FLEX angle grinders and cordless angle grinders to be used individually. The right disc allows effortless cutting and grinding of various materials such as metal, wood or even stone. With a diamond cutting disc, you can even cut concrete.

What to look out for when buying an angle grinder

There are a few points to consider if you want to buy an angle grinder or cordless angle grinder. For example, the devices differ in terms of the cutting disc diameter. Discs come in many different sizes. A large number of angle grinder variants are available, from 125 mm in diameter to 230 mm in diameter. Even those looking for a less common angle grinder size will find 150 mm and 180 mm models in the range. Angle grinders are always differentiated in terms of their power in addition to the size of the cutting disc. A high speed ensures a higher quality and better work results.

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