The new concrete Giraffe from FLEX completes the range

Ergonomical, flexible and simply clever

Steinheim, January 2021 – FLEX Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is launching a new concrete Giraffe onto the market in the shape of the GDE 10. The long-neck sander replaces its predecessor the WST 1000 FV, andalso completes the generation of new Giraffes from FLEX first introduced in 2015. 
Concrete wall and ceiling grinder Giraffe® with interchangeable head system from FLEX

New components and ingenious technology make possible a complete solution for working on concrete surfaces in both grinding and fine sanding. New diamond pads and hook & loop abrasives allow concrete and natural stone surfaces to be machined right up to the edges. "Our unique toolless interchangeable head system makes this possible. This enables tradesmen to use the new concrete Giraffe with different diamond sanding heads and diamond sanding pads", explains Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Marketing Manager at FLEX.

Variable speed for a wide variety of applications

The rotary sanding heads DGH-R D150 and DSH-R D150 are adapted to the following applications: The sanding head DGH-R D150 for use with diamond cup wheels is optimised for high rates of material removal and clean sanding results and can be continuously adjusted between 7,000 and 9,100 revolutions per minute via the potentiometer wheel. The DSH-R D150 sanding head, which was developed for using diamond pads, provides the "fine sanding". 

Ergonomic design for effortless working

Another advantage of the concrete Giraffe is its ergonomics. The design of the GDE 10 ensures a good balance. This in turn enables the user to work precisely and with little fatigue. Weighing just 4.5 kilogrammes including the sanding head, the appliance is 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor and extremely quiet. The low vibration levels of 2.5 m/s² and the great flexibility of the sanding heads also contribute towards working comfort.

Advantages in terms of safety

FLEX also considered the safety of both the operator and the machine during the development phase. So, temperature monitoring protects the appliance against overheating, and restart protection prevents an unintentional restart that might happen following a power failure, for example. This would otherwise pose a considerable risk of injury to the user. The overload protection ensures that the machine maintains its speed even at increased pressure, and the user can work cleanly and evenly throughout. The suction connection with its FLEX clip system enables the concrete Giraffe to be connected to all FLEX safety vacuum cleaners. This means that dust at the construction site poses no problem. 

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