Super-short advanced impact wrench IW ½“ 400 18-EC

A compact powerhouse

Keeping it simple: With the new, super-short 400 series impact wrench, FLEX is closing the gap in the handy quality impact wrenches segment. With a head length of just 125 mm, the new IW ½" 400 18-EC is extremely handy and is one of the shortest wrenches in its class. With a tightening torque of 406 Nm and a loosening torque of 600 Nm, it currently offers by far the best price-performance ratio in this segment.

Whether it’s for changing tyres in the automotive industry or construction work involving wood screws or concrete screws, this handy all-rounder is extremely versatile. With a head length of just 125 mm, it gets into every corner and eliminates the need for constant tool changes.

A compact all-rounder for many different jobs

With this super-short yet powerful impact wrench, FLEX is expanding its product range into the 400 series segment. And is setting a new record straight away: With a short head measuring just 125 mm, the IW ½" 400 18-EC is one of the shortest impact wrenches in its class. "With a tightening and loosening torque of 406 and 600 Nm respectively, this handy 400 series wrench is suitable for the automotive and commercial vehicles sector as well as for use in the construction industry, timber construction, plumbing work or in heating or metal plant construction," says FLEX Product Manager Jannik Rohling, explaining the wide range of uses for the new IW ½" 400 18-EC.

By way of explanation: The name IW ½“ 400 18-EC stands for “impact wrench“, ½-inch tool holder size with 400 (in fact it’s 406) newton-metres of tightening torque and an 18-volt battery system and brushless ("electronically commutated") motor.

The best price-performance ratio

And no less important: FLEX is offering this market newcomer at an entry-level price of just 239 Euros, putting it in first place in terms of price-performance ratio in the 400 impact wrench segment. That’s because with a tightening torque of 406 Nm and a loosening torque of 600 Nm, it’s one of the most powerful impact wrenches in this performance range but still well below its competitors in terms of price.

5-level lighting with 360° halo light

Another feature of the new FLEX 400 series impact wrench that makes work much easier: It has an integrated 360° halo light, which can be used to directly illuminate the work area in five adjustable levels without having to set up an additional lamp. The lighting levels are selected using the accelerator switch and confirmed using extra buttons on the user interface.

No more slipping and overtightening!

The new IW ½" 400 18-EC has an auto-stop mode for controlled tightening and loosening of screws without the dreaded overtightening. The user interface offers three speed and torque settings for a variety of individual applications. For example, screwdriving mode is available for working quickly with wood screws, delivering the fastest speed for this job.

Powerful EC motor with FLEX 18V battery system

The brushless 18V EC motor ("EC" stands for "electronically commutated" or brushless DC motor) scores points for being wear-free and requiring no maintenance, as well as for its high efficiency and long service life. The FLEX cordless system incorporates the well-known and proven ThermaTech-Technology® for a longer battery life and a practical battery status display

A handy and versatile all-rounder

The new IW ½" 400 18-EC impresses with its compact design and powerful torques. Auto-stop and other setting options on the user interface allow this handy all-rounder to be used for a wide variety of custom applications. Of course, the new 400 series impact wrench also has clockwise/anticlockwise rotation, the switch for which is easily accessible with the thumb for changing the setting.

Ergonomics and handling with the new impact wrench

Besides the hard facts mentioned above such as the short head and high torque, the new 400 series impact wrench also has other "soft skills" that make it easier to use in everyday work, for example a sensitive throttle switch that gives the end user perfect speed control. The comfortable ergonomic design of the handle also assists fatigue-free working, and a removable belt clip makes it easy for the user to attach the tool to their belt.

Another linchpin in terms of practical use: The ½-inch tool holder with snap ring ensures that sockets can be changed quickly, easily and reliably.

Product packages and accessories for the IW ½“ 400 18-EC

The new FLEX impact wrench IW ½“ 400 18-EC costs 239 Euros for the tool on its own in a cardboard box. The tool on its own in an L-BOXX® 136 is available for 279 Euros. FLEX also offers a useful alternative package: The price for the tool in an L-BOXX® along with two 5.0 Ah batteries and a quick charger is 489 Euros. For more accessories, see

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