The new GE 6 R-EC the lightest Giraffe® ever

More power, less weight

This is how progress looks: The new long-neck sander from FLEX gives you 50 per cent less weight but at the same time 60 per cent more power. These numbers make the new model GE 6 R-EC the lightest Giraffe on the market. With a carbon fibre tube, gimbal suspension of the sanding head and a swivel range of 160 degrees, it offers more in terms of ergonomics and efficiency than any other Giraffe before.

Tool Forum (Werkzeugforum) recently asked its readers "what are the most important criteria for a long-neck sander?" The most important properties cited by users were "effective suction, light weight, sanding head flexibility, a high removal rate and good ergonomics". That’s why the tool developers at FLEX have focussed precisely on these properties and are now purposely launching the lightest Giraffe ever onto the market.

50 per cent less weight, 60 per cent more power

These facts are impressive: The new GE 6 R-EC is up to 50 per cent lighter in operation than other manufacturers’ long-neck sanders. Even compared with the previous model, this isn’t just an evolutionary step but a quantum leap. This leap in development is thanks to the new carbon fibre material and optimised ergonomics that’s down to the grinding head’s gimbal suspension. A further weight reduction has been achieved through material savings, but without compromising the customary stability and robustness.

Flexible sanding head with edge segment and a 160 degree swivel range

The very flat sanding head design combined with the gimbal suspension facilitates a 160 degree swivel range (the best in its class!) and allows extremely flexible working. The lighter weight is all the more noticeable when working overhead due to the laws of leverage. Talking of leverage: For the first time, the tube of the new Giraffe GE 6 R-EC is made of carbon fibre, allowing an enormous reduction in weight and therefore significantly improved ergonomics.

A new take on the sanding concept

The FLEX engineers have redesigned the entire sanding head structure from scratch This involved completely redesigning the backing pad: To ensure that the sanding pads are positioned centrally, there are centring aids on the hookand-loop sanding disc which is mounted in a centring ring. A foam rubber interface pad placed on top guarantees perfect surface sanding for an optimum sanding effect by preventing oscillations and vibrations. This enables irregularities that might otherwise be transferred to the wall to be avoided, along with vibrations in the user's arms and shoulders. Combined, these newly designed elements of the sanding head ensure a cleaner work result with improved ergonomics and optimised handling.

Optimised air flow for ideal suction

Ideal suction is ensured by the optimised air flow, with an air guidance system that boosts suction performance. Eliminating edges throughout the entire casing means that significantly less residual dust gets caught in the system. A brush ring also supports the suction. "These three elements - abrasive, sanding pad and backing pad into the head - must be perfectly coordinated so that this fine tuning delivers a clean, optimised air flow," explains FLEX Product Manager Ralf Paertmann.

The decisive advantage in ergonomics

But it's not just the up to 50 percent lighter weight during operation that makes the new FLEX Giraffe GE 6 R-EC so ergonomic. In addition, an elastic rubber membrane mounted in front of the user not only absorbs vibrations but also provides a better response during sanding, and as a result a cleaner and more even sanding pattern overall.

The flexible shaft means there’s less weight on the sanding head, making handling much easier. In combination with the planetary gears to allow lowvibration and smooth running, this has resulted in a significant improvement in terms of ergonomics during development.

A flexible shaft for a perfect balance

FLEX Product Manager Ralf Paertmann explains why this unit is easier to use than others: "A flexible shaft drives the disc so that there’s no heavy weight on the front of the sanding plate, with the weight being close to the user instead. This greatly improves handling. This balance is crucial for comfort and ease of use."

Safety and quality thanks to protected connections

Another advantage in terms of quality and safety: The connection points for cables and hoses are protected on the new Giraffe GE 6 R-EC. For example, the suction connection is protected by being laid downwards so that the suction hose cannot kink at this connection point. The switch has also been designed to be protected and the spade-type handle enables ergonomic and safe handling.

The new GE 6 R-EC long-neck sander will go on sale in the first quarter of 2024 at a price of 829 Euros, including a carrying bag. For more accessories, see

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