FLEX adds to and optimises its laser range

Clever laser technology

Steinheim, August 2021 – Cross-line lasers are extremely practical tools when it comes to the exact alignment of elements on the building site. To make work even easier and more comfortable for its customers, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has now added to its laser range.

A new addition to the range is the 3x360 G/R 10.8 – the first 360-degree cordless cross-line laser from FLEX. It will be on sale from September 2021. This complements the already available from FLEX, 2/1 G/R and the ALC 3/1 GR. The company has optimised its software so that it can now also be used with the separately available laser receiver. This means that it is now suitable for working with all three lasers, and not only improves the visibility of the laser lines but also significantly increases the range of the devices. All three cross-line lasers work with a high precision of +/- 0.3 mm/m, are self-levelling and can compensate for unevenness of up to four degrees.

Flexible positioning and a robust design

In order to be able to work optimally in every application situation, the cross-line lasers can be positioned flexibly either via a thread on a tripod or by means of the practical bracket. This can be attached either magnetically or with a screw onto, for example, profiles, pipes, rafters or beams. The height of the bracket can also be easily adjusted. This allows the user to align the laser onto the target or receiver precisely and without great difficulty. Thanks to their light weight and powerful magnets, the devices are held securely even if minor vibrations occur. The ALC 2/1 G/R for example weighs just 360 grammes, the weight of the ALC 3/1 G/R is 520 grammes and that of the 3x360 G/R 10.8 is 800 grammes. Their robust construction provides the devices with additional protection from damage on the construction site. 

A wide range of uses

Despite all the similarities, the lasers do have decisive differences. The ALC 2/1 G/R creates a cross of a vertical line and a horizontal line, and is suitable for example for aligning tiled backsplashes, profiles, piping or wall painting. The ALC 3/1 additionally generates a lateral vertical line as well as plumb points on the ceiling and floor. "This makes it also suitable for aligning walls that are at right angles to each other for example," explains Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX. The 3x360 G/R 10.8 can do even more: Thanks to its 360-degree radius, this creates circumferential cross lines in the entire room as well as on the ceiling and floor. This means that the device can be used, for example, to divide up space in a building that is still empty. The circumferential laser line also allows perfect positioning of ceilings, wall profiles and floor profiles. Depending on the brightness and the room size, the luminosity of the laser can also be adjusted across three stages.

Powerful luminosity and a long range

All three cross-line lasers work with green laser light. This is four times brighter than the light from red diodes. The laser lines can be switched on and off individually as required. The range of the ALC 2/1 G/R and the ALC 3/1 G/R is 50 metres (70 metres with receiver), and the radius of the 3x360 G/R 10.8 is 100 metres (120 metres with receiver). 

Clever battery technology

The battery life of the devices is also remarkable. The user can work with the ALC 2/1 G/R for four hours in Indoor mode and for ten hours in Outdoor mode, and with the ALC 3/1 G/R even for one hour longer in either mode. The battery charge of the 3x360 G/R 10.8 lasts for twelve hours on light level one, eight hours on level two and 6.5 hours on level three. While the latter's clip-on battery can be recharged in a short time via the charger, the batteries of the other two cross-line lasers are integrated. The devices can thus be charged in a similar way to smartphones via a power bank, or during operation with a USB cable.

The three cross-line lasers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.

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