2-in-1 cordless edge cutter and router from FLEX

For universal use

Steinheim, March 2024 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has added a powerful cordless router to its extensive range of cordless tools: The cordless combination router CER 18.0-EC is now available from dealers. The 2-in-1 combination edge cutter and router is ready for use in just a few seconds thanks to its Quick-Lock spindle and toolless motor fixing. The lightest combination router on the market at just 1.6 kg, it can be conveniently used for various jobs and offers maximum routing flexibility thanks to its compact design and cordless operation.

Whether in timber construction and woodworking or in renovation, drywall construction and mould making: Routing work requires a powerful and flexible tool. These are the jobs for which FLEX has developed the cordless combination router CER 18.0-EC, which can be quickly and easily converted from an edge cutter to a router. With speeds of 16,000-31,000 and a milling cutter diameter of up to 38 mm, this new cordless tool is also suitable for businesses working in a wide range of applications. The basic tool is the 2-in-1 compact router, which users can connect to the required milling unit without using tools. To do this, simply release the clamping lever on the motor unit. The motor block and battery can then be lifted off the milling unit by pressing two locking buttons, and secured onto the other milling cutter. The powerful 18V drive of the CER 18.0-EC has a brushless motor that incorporates overload protection, temperature monitoring and constant electronics. It can be operated with all FLEX 18V battery packs (2.5 / 5.0 / 8.0 Ah).

Fine adjustment and variable speed

When doing jobs with the cordless combination router CER 18.0-EC, users benefit from its ergonomic design, low vibration and sophisticated functions. Two large base plates and the rubberised handle ensure that the edge cutter can be guided safely. Fine adjustment of the milling depth is done with the rotating ring located in the centre of the tool. The variable speed allows the cordless edge cutter to be steplessly adjusted to the material and the cutter size. Two integrated LEDs provide a clear view of the cutting area during use. The Quick-Fix parallel fence enables workpiece edges to be cut with precision. An integrated interface enables a separately-available dust extraction guard to be attached for dust-free working.

Available options and accessories

The FLEX 18V cordless combination router is available in three different versions: The basic version with basic accessories in a cardboard box, as a set in an L-BOXX® with two 2.5 Ah batteries and charger, or as a set in an L-BOXX® with two 5.0 Ah batteries, charger and milling cage including a parallel fence and dust extraction guard. The FLEX range offers a selection of individual accessories for the cordless combination router CER 18.0-EC to enable it to be optimally adapted to its various areas of use. This ranges from a bit set in a StackPackTM DB box for routers and edge cutters, centring mandrels and collets to dust extraction guards and matching L-BOXX® inlays.

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For FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, based in the south German town of Steinheim/Murr, the craftsman comes first. For this reason, this renowned power tools manufacturer has for over 90 years been going to wherever these are used: Building sites, workshops and factories. Continuous dialogue and many years of experience mean that FLEX is constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions that ensure better and more economical working. In 2022, FLEX won the "TOP 100 Innovator" award as one of the most innovative companies in the German SME sector, and was named a "Top Company" among employers by kununu. FLEX products have already received many awards, including the Plus X Award 2020, 2019 & 2014, and the Red Dot Design Award 2018 & 2014, and the 'Designpreis Deutschland' 2011 and the IF product design award 2011. FLEX currently employs 340 people and sells its products via a global network of trade vendors. More information is available at

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