70 years angle grinder

There's only one original.

70 years angle grinder

From the brand name to the dictionary

The history of the angle grinder begins in 1954, when the company Ackermann + Schmitt (now FLEX) launches the first high-speed angle grinder with the type designation DL 9, thereby making industrial history.

The foundation for "the Flex" had already been laid in 1922, when the company's most important invention, the "flexible shaft", an intermediate piece between the motor drive and the tool, gave rise to the FLEX brand.

Due to the success of the DL 9 and the following angle grinders, the brand name "FLEX" is used by users for the angle grinder and the derived verb flexen for cut-off grinding. In 2006, "flexen" was finally included in the German dictionary "Duden".

The real FLEX

70 years of innovation and craftsmanship: Since the invention of the first high-speed angle grinder, the machines have been continuously developed to ensure they are always up to date. The angle grinders have not only changed visually, they have also undergone further technical development. Great value has always been placed on increased work safety and maximum comfort.


DL 9

First high-speed angle grinder DL 9

The invention of the angle grinder: 1The DL 9, FLEX's historic trademark, was developed in 1954. It was the first high-speed angle grinder on the market and soon became the company's main product.


ZL 108

Further development of the angle grinder

More lightweight materials and a more streamlined design: the company's angle grinders have undergone continuous further development.


L 3406 VRG

Angle grinder 21st century

FLEX presents the angle grinder generation for the 21st century: slim design, perfect handling and innovative product features such as the SoftVib handle.


L 125 18.0-EC

First cordless angle grinder from FLEX

18 V cordless angle grinder: FLEX is launching its first cordless angle grinder in 2017. In order to keep up with the special requirements, new battery packs are specially developed for this purpose.


L 13-10 125-EC

First angle grinder with brushless motor from FLEX

The first 230 V angle grinder with brushless motor from FLEX: EC technology ensures stable efficiency and a longer service life. There is also no need to change the carbon brush.


LBE 125 18.0-EC

Cordless angle grinder with variable speed from FLEX

For the first time, FLEX is launching a cordless angle grinder with variable speed. This guarantees more flexibility for a wide range of tasks.


L 125 18.0-EC LD

Light Duty 18 V cordless angle grinder from FLEX

Light duty angle grinder: The next generation of the entry-level cordless angle grinder comes onto the market with a brushless motor and replaces the L 125 18.0-EC.


LBP 125-15 18-EC

Cordless angle grinder with paddle switch

Cordless angle grinder with paddle switch (dead man function): FLEX expands its metal sector to gain access to industrial customers.

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