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The FLEX range for a safe and clean working environment.

FLEX offers a wide range of products for professionals who value a clean and safe working environment: From versatile vacuum cleaners and compact air purifiers to other useful accessories for a safe construction site. Regardless of the sector - construction, renovation and refurbishment, workshops or industrial companies - FLEX has the right product to suit any requirement. Compliance with dust classes, effective air filtration and much more ensure that professionals can rely on FLEX in any situation.

By using FLEX safety vacuum cleaners and construction air purifiers, you’re making a significant contribution towards improving occupational safety. That’s because these ensure effective dust control and clean, healthy breathing air on the construction site or in the workshop.

Vacuuming your car with a cordless hoover FLEX VC 6 L MC

FLEX dust class L safety vacuum cleaners

FLEX Category L safety vacuum cleaners guarantee safe and effective work when handling slightly hazardous substances such as house dust, sand, lime or plaster. The FLEX safety vacuum cleaners, also known as industrial vacuum cleaners, are ideal for various jobs such as cleaning buildings, basic renovation work such as wallpaper removal or cleaning vehicle interiors and for removing dirt and dust. The compact models in dust class L are perfect for you if you need a high level of mobility when cleaning. The FLEX cordless safety vacuum cleaners are also perfect for cleaning construction sites, vehicles and rooms where no direct power source is available. The FLEX class L safety vacuum cleaners impress by giving you maximum mobility and flexibility - perfect for any tradesman or DIY enthusiast.

FLEX dust class L safety vacuum cleaners

Class L vacuum cleaners Clean, flexible and mobile.

  • VC 25 L MC
    VC 25 L MC

FLEX dust class L cordless vacuum cleaners

Discover the freedom of mobile working with FLEX cordless safety vacuum cleaners! Ideal for any building site, your car, your apartment or your house - without any annoying power connections. Just insert the battery and get started.

  • VC 2 L MC Hip 18.0-EC

    Compact cordless portable vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning, 1.5 l class L

    To the product
  • VC 6 L MC 18.0

    Compact vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning, 6 l, class L

    To the product
Sanding a wall with the FLEX Giraffe and the FLEX M-Class safety hoover to suck up the sanding dust.

FLEX dust class M safety vacuum cleaners

The FLEX class M safety vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleanliness and safety on construction sites with dusts that pose a moderate hazard. From wood and metal dust to paint particles and glass fibres, FLEX industrial vacuum cleaners offer optimum performance and protection. Their areas of use range from woodworking to metalworking and painting. Regardless of the job, FLEX supplies various sizes of safety vacuum cleaners, also known as industrial vacuum cleaners. We recommend a smaller model if you want to stay mobile and frequently carry the vacuum cleaner from site to site. The larger models are perfect for the workshop, large construction sites or if you simply don't want to change the bag so often. State-of-the-art technology not only ensures efficient dust extraction, but also low-dust disposal.

FLEX dust class M safety vacuum cleaners

Class M vacuum cleaners Clean, safe, efficient

Safety hoover FLEX dust class H

FLEX dust class H safety vacuum cleaners

The FLEX class H safety vacuum cleaners are the right choice for use with highly-hazardous dusts. From mould spores and mineral fibres to lead and asbestos, this industrial vacuum cleaner offers optimum performance and protection for the user. The class H vacuum cleaner is indispensable when working with highly-hazardous substances, especially in heating construction and asbestos removal. Tradesmen working in these sectors benefit from the excellent performance and safety offered by the FLEX class H vacuum cleaner. Whether on construction sites, workshops or specialised renovation projects, the FLEX H vacuum cleaner is the reliable choice for clean and safe work when highly-hazardous materials are involved.

FLEX dust class H safety vacuum cleaners

The professional for high-risk situations: FLEX class H vacuum cleaners.

FLEX construction site air filter for dust suction on construction sites

FLEX construction air purifier

Dust is unavoidable when working without an extraction system, and hazardous dust is produced on a construction site even with an extraction system on your tool. The transportable FLEX construction air purifier VAC 800-EC creates a clean and safe working environment. The direct results of this are reduced cleaning effort, healthy users and satisfied colleagues. Ideal for renovation and demolition work, especially in dusty areas. The construction air purifier filters respirable fine dust up to HEPA 14, even when working with hazardous substances such as asbestos or mould. Whether directly at the point of origin or by installing mobile plastic walls and airlocks to prevent dust - the FLEX construction air purifier offers a wide range of applications for drywall builders, painters, tilers, refurbishment companies and the entire construction trade.

Optimise your construction site cleaning with the right accessories for FLEX safety vacuum cleaners!

The drill dust extractor SAD BS D32 D67 is perfect for drill holes of between 32 mm and 67 mm. The drill dust extractor SAD BS D32 is ideal for drill holes of up to 24 mm. Discover the VCE Cordless Connect Sensor for cordless tools - extraction starts automatically when the cordless tool is switched on!

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