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Cordless garden tools

The FLEX range for masterful garden maintenance.

Whether you want to trim your lawn, get rid of leaves, shape hedges or cut branches, FLEX cordless garden tools are exactly what you need. Simply grab your 18 V battery and you're ready to go: from the cordless lawn trimmer to the leaf blower and hedge trimmer to the chainsaw - you’ve got the perfect equipment to tackle the jobs in your garden or woodland.

Ready to give your garden a professional makeover? If so then dive into the world of FLEX and shape the future of garden maintenance - efficient, powerful and user-friendly!

Cordless chain saw

Baumstamm zerkleinern mit FLEX Akku-Kettensäge

Do you want to cut branches and pieces of wood effortlessly and precisely? Whether you want to limb a tree, cut through a log, trim thick bushes or make firewood - the FLEX cordless chainsaw GCS 35 2x18-EC is the perfect tool for you. Its two powerful 18 V batteries enable it to tackle any job with ease.

The GCS 35 2x18-EC enables fast and precise cuts through logs with a diameter of up to 30 cm. Equipped with a 35 cm long blade, this chainsaw offers numerous application options - from targeted felling and precise delimbing to sawing thick wooden beams. This makes the GCS 35 2x18-EC an indispensable tool for every garden enthusiast.

Cordless hedge trimmer

Experience the perfect combination of power and precision with the FLEX cordless hedge trimmer. Perfect for shaping and trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. The hedge trimmer offers outstanding cutting performance and endurance thanks to its high-quality 18 V battery. Its sharp, robust blades allow you to make clean and precise cuts even on dense and thick branches.

The FLEX hedge trimmer’s cordless flexibility gives you maximum freedom of movement and makes it easier to work in hard-to-reach places. Whether for regular hedge trimming or creating complex shapes - the FLEX cordless hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for both professional and hobby gardeners.

Cordless lawn trimmer

Rasen trimmen mit dem FLEX Akku Rasentrimmer

Do you want to effortlessly remove tall grasses and undergrowth? If so then it’s time to discover the FLEX cordless lawn trimmer, which impresses with its two-stage cutting speed as well as its precision and efficiency. Perfect for trimming green areas and removing tall grasses and light undergrowth. With a cutting width of 30-35 cm and a thread head that makes adjusting the thread length child's play thanks to the Easy Load function. Its compact and ergonomic design incorporating a throttle switch and a continuous operation function makes it exceptionally comfortable to work with.

Whether you’re maintaining your garden, landscaping or making precision cuts in hard-to-reach areas, this powerful lawn trimmer is the ideal tool for any garden enthusiast who values professional results and user-friendly tools.

Cordless leaf blower

FLEX Akku-Laubbläser in Aktion im Garten

The quick and easy way to get rid of leaves: The way in which the FLEX cordless leaf blower powerfully and effectively helps to maintain your garden is truly impressive. With its compact design, this cordless blower is one of the lightest tools in its category. he three-stage air volume control and a Boost mode make it easy to clear leaves from small to medium-sized areas. The ergonomically designed soft grip with an On/Off switch and continuous operation lock offers maximum comfort. The electronic management system (EMS) protects the tool, extends its service life and increases efficiency.

Benefit from the advantages of the FLEX cordless leaf blower for effective and convenient garden maintenance!


Are the batteries of the FLEX garden tools interchangeable?

Yes, the batteries in FLEX garden tools are interchangeable because all FLEX garden tools work with 18 V batteries. This means you can use the same battery for the cordless lawn trimmer, the cordless hedge trimmer, the cordless leaf blower and the cordless chainsaw. This intercompatibility gives you maximum flexibility and convenience when using your garden tools. The 18 V batteries are also compatible with all other FLEX 18 V cordless tools such as angle grinders, cordless screwdrivers, drills, jigsaws and over 40 other cordless tools.

What safety functions do FLEX cordless garden tools offer?

The FLEX cordless garden tools incorporate several safety functions. The cordless lawn trimmer and cordless hedge trimmer have an ergonomically shaped soft handle with an On/Off switch and a lock for continuous operation. The cordless leaf blower has an Electronic Management System (EMS) that protects the tool, extends its service life and increases efficiency. The cordless chainsaw offers kickback protection and a chain brake for additional safety during operation.

How do I properly care for and maintain my FLEX cordless garden tools?

In order to maximise the service life and performance of your FLEX cordless garden tools, you need to carry out regular care and maintenance:

Cleaning: Clean the tools thoroughly after each use and remove dirt and residues.
Storage: Store your tools and batteries in a dry, cool place.
Cutting tools: Check the condition of the cutting tools regularly and replace them if necessary.
Battery care: Charge the battery to around 60% if you won’t be using it for an extended period. For longer storage periods, the batteries should be recharged every few months.

These measures will help you ensure the optimum performance and service life of your FLEX cordless garden tools.

What is the advantage of cordless garden tools over petrol-powered ones?

Cordless garden tools are more environmentally-friendly as they don’t produce any direct emissions. They are quieter and so reduce noise pollution, and they require less maintenance as there is no need to change the oil or spark plugs. They are also lighter and easier to operate as there is no need to refill them with petrol. Their operating costs are lower and they offer the flexibility of working in the garden without cables. Cordless garden tools are generally cleaner and easier to store.

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