Carrying case L-BOXX®

The robust storage and transport system L-BOXX® made of impact-resistant plastic conveys tools, accessories and consumables easily and comfortably to the place of use. Elaborate inserts provide order and clarity, ergonomically shaped handles and additional moulded recesses for flexible and comfortable handling. The unbeatably simple connection and disconnection of the different L-BOXXes optimises combined transportation. Fits the TÜV-tested in-vehicle equipment system from Sortimo perfectly and without adapters. Load capacity per L-BOXX® up to 25 kg, combined transportation up to 40 kg, the cover can be loaded up to 100 kg. Splash-proof. Without insert, with additional front handle.

Overview of versions
Versions suitable for
Order numberPackaging unitWeightDimensions WxLxHL-Boxx type
4140771 Cont.2.1 kg442 x 357 x 117 mm102
4140851 Cont.2.2 kg442 x 357 x 151 mm136
4140931 Cont.2.8 kg442 x 357 x 253 mm238
4141071 Cont.3.4 kg442 x 357 x 389 mm374

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