Wall and ceiling sanders

Wall. Ceiling. Giraffe.

Wall and ceiling sanders


Wall. Ceiling. Giraffe.


High ease of use, application variety and reliable quality Made in Germany:
The FLEX Giraffe® has always been a synonym for optimum handling, good balance and a perfect work result. From the spade handle and the ergonomic handle tube to the arrangement and design of the operating elements, the FLEX long-neck sander is optimally adapted to the needs and work processes of painters and drywall workers.


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GE 7 changeable sanding head system

Master every task and challenge with the innovative quick-change system of the GE 7 long-neck sander: The high flexibility and rotatability allow continuous operation without interruption and without damaging the contact surfaces on walls and ceilings:

  • The right sanding head for every application
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Clean and precise work results

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Orbital sanding head

With ease to perfect surfaces in Q3 and Q4 quality. The filler can thus be sanded down in a controlled and efficient way.

Triangular sanding head

The specialist for corners and edges enables sanding of ceiling and wall transitions without any gaps.

Round sanding head

For rotary wall finishing with high abrasion.

Rotary sanding head with edge segment

For surface transitions from wall to ceiling without interruption of work. Saves tiring manual work thanks to the rotating edge segment.

The right Giraffe® for every construction site

Giraffe® GE 7

The new generation GE 7 is robust and thanks to the unique changeable head system there is a suitable sanding head for every task. Flexibility in application, highest efficiency in grinding – the GE 7.

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The Beton-Giraffe® WST 1000 FV is perfectly suited for processing concrete, plasters, paints, screeds, natural and artificial stones, tile adhesives and many other materials on walls and ceilings.

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The small and handy Handy-Giraffe® WSE 7 Vario is the ideal addition when it comes to working in narrow spaces and smaller wall and ceiling areas. Thanks to the interchangeable head system for round and triangular sanders, it is also extremely flexible.

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The system for painting and drywall construction

Safety vacuum cleaners


The proven suction system of the Giraffe® with an efficiency rate of over 95% is supplemented by the FLEX safety vacuum cleaner, which can be equipped with a practical holder for the giraffe tube. This ensures a high degree of mobility on the construction site as well as a well-organised storage of the working material when changing construction sites.

  • Dust-free and clean construction site with Giraffe vacuum cleaner system
  • Mounting for the giraffe tube
  • Quick storage of the working material

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Mobile workstation for wall and ceiling sanders


The Giraffe-mobile GM 340 is a portable workstation for work on walls and ceilings with FLEX giraffes. Above all, sanding large surfaces is made enormously easier: the user does not have to lift the Giraffe® himself, which significantly reduces the effort.

  • Efficient work on large areas
  • Back-friendly by reducing exhaustion and physical strain
  • With a braked swivel castor for precise and easy operation

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Suitable sanding accessories


FLEX has the right sanding material for every application in its range:

  • Sanding paper for rough surface unevenness, removal of paint and paste, for quick sanding and smoothing, sanding of fillers in dry construction
  • Sanding grid for quick removal of coarse and fine surface imperfections
  • Superfinishing pads for high-gloss surfaces and shiny surfaces with the spatula technique
  • Abrasive fleece for roughening, cleaning and matting of old lacquer layers before repainting or for intermediate sanding of waxed, oiled or varnished wooden floors, plank floors and OSB boards
  • Diamond sanding pads for dry sanding in repair and renovation, sanding and polishing of concrete and natural stone surfaces


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