The new FLEX Giraffe® GE 7 To products

Ceiling. Wall. Giraffe.



FLEX is redefining the standards yet again with the new FLEX Giraffe® GE 7. Never before has it been possible to do so many things when effortlessly working on ceilings and walls.


Quality leads to precision


The new generation of the rugged, flexible shaft with its enormous increase in service life creates the basis for this so that the FLEX Giraffe® GE 7 far outstrips other long-neck sanders in terms of power transmission.  

Flexible adaptation


Especially in demand when working in narrow spaces or on complex surfaces: The gimbal suspension of the sanding heads means that the GE 7 achieves maximum flexibility and creates smooth transitions on all surface geometries. Difficult sections such as corners and edges can be sanded to perfection without having to interrupt the work.

Lateral movement


The GE 7 can be moved from side to side and guided so easily that the force needed to move the sanding head is noticeably reduced. Reworking and corrections to the surface are thus done in no time.

The new FLEX Giraffe® GE 7


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