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71711 Steinheim

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The copyright on those pictures is reserved by the FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. You are only allowed to publish them by promoting FLEX products or the company itself. For all other applications you must have a written approval. We reserve legal steps for misuse of provided pictures.


PDF-Icon PDF files:

To show and print PDF data it is necessary to have the free of charge Adobe® Reader®:

Get Adobe Reader

within Reader you can save the data on your computer hard disc by using the discette symbol in the toolbar, or in the menu list "data > save as…"


JPG-Icon Picture data RGB:

Data in low-resolution for monitor view, MS-Office and internet presentations. All pictures are stored as .jpg RGB-files with 72 dpi and they have a white background.


Picture data CMYK:

Data in high-resolution for printing processes. All pictures are stored as .jpg CMYK-files with 300 dpi and all clipped images have their clipping path included. Please note that your PC will probably be unable to display the information correctly. You will need special photo processing software to view the information.


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