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About us

You need good tools to do good work.

But which are good tools?
How do I recognise real quality?
And when is a tool worth its cost?

For FLEX it's the craftsman who sets the standard. That is why we visit those sites where tools are used when we develop new machines. On construction sites, in the shops and factories. And that's precisely where we determine the specifications that every FLEX must fulfil.

Foremost this includes the proverbial longevity of our machines. Then their power and functionality.
Also the design, the ergonomics, and the safety of a FLEX. And of course its advanced technology that always provides new solutions to problems, revolutionising the work procedures of entire industries.

We are proven right by each of the millions of craftsmen who perform outstanding work using their FLEX every day.

FLEX is member of


European Power Tool Association

FLEX Product quality

All FLEX power tools are CE-conformant and are subject to a professional quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 throughout their production. Our aim: 100 percent quality. Whichever FLEX you buy: it represents the ultimate in user friendliness and durability. Perfectly balanced, easy to handle and extremely rugged. Try it out! Put a FLEX to the hardest of all tests: your own applications. We take our slogan: “Quality tools from professionals for professionals”  seriously.

FLEX Service quality

Customer service takes top priority for us. FLEX therefore provides an expert all-round service. Our efficient Customer Service Centre is at your disposal, ready to answer all your questions about technical matters and accessories. If your FLEX needs servicing – no problem: simply send your machine to our Service Centre, and we will perform the service and return your FLEX to you in no time.

FLEX Loyalty to the trade

FLEX is available only from specialist dealers - for a good reason. Users who place high value on the quality and functionality of their power tools expect professional advice. And that is available only from specially trained and authorized dealers. Your FLEX specialist dealer has the perfect tool and accessories for your specific requirements.


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