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Application videos


One drive - two applications. Changes from a pipe belt sander into a burnishing machine with just one click.
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Wet vacuuming

How to modify your FLEX safety vacuum cleaner.
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Cordless machines

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Giraffe GE 5 / GE 5 R

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SUPRAFLEX SE 14-2 125. The specialist for painted surfaces.
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SUPRAFLEX SE 14-2 125. The specialist for stainless steel and steel alloy.
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SUPRAFLEX SE 14-2 125. The specialist for natural and artificial stone.
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Modell: RE 14-5 115

RETECFLEX, the specialist for grinding, sanding, scouring, perforating and polishing.
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"Making of" Fotoshooting POLISHFLEX
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Air Force One: experience the polishing perfection! The Boeing VC-177B
"Air Force One" could be visited in the "Museum of Flight" in Seattle.
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Vario-Giraffe WST 700VV

Vario-Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander
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Model: LRP 1503 VRA

'Boa' pipe belt sander
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Model: CSM 4060

Metal-cutting circular saw for dry cuts
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Model: LP 1503 VR

Finishing machine
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Model: MS 1706 FR

Wall chaser for push and pull cutting
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Model: LL 1107 VEA

Flounder 710 watt flat-head sander
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