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WST 1000 FV, Thermo-Whirljet kit Order no. 355.755

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Technical attributes
Disc Ø125 mm
No load speed8000 rpm
Power input1010 watt
Power output600 watt
Tool fixture28 mm Ø
Dimensions in mm1330-1650
Cable length5,0 m
Weight5,5 kg
Standard equipment
1 Thermo-Whirljet323.071
1 FixTec quick-clamp nut M 14313.459
Antistatic suction hose 32 mm Ø x 4 m with snap coupling and coupling bush for vacuum cleaner406.708
1 carrying case389.986

Concrete-Giraffe® grinder for walls and ceilings

  • FV electronic control: constant speed, soft-start and overload protection
  • Using a unique telescoping system, the Concrete-Giraffe® adapts to your needs. Length adjustable from 1330-1650 mm. Open telescope lock lever, pull out handle and close lever. Handle can be turned full circle
  • Ergonomic design with many different handling possibilities for fatigue-free working. The motor is always kept between the gripping positions, ensuring a perfect balance
  • Vacuum dust collection: protects against abrasive dust, reduces disc wear, keeps concrete pores for the new coat open
  • Flexible rubber vacuum ring with low-wear metal ring: moves smoothly over the surface and protects against dust and flying stones
  • Dust extraction system: with metal ring on the guard, flexible suction hose from the scouring head to the guide tube. Connection facility at the rear of the telescopic tube for FLEX industrial vacuum cleaner
  • The Concrete-Giraffe® with universal joint shaft and the new grinder head have been purpose-coordinated. This tool quickly and easily removes burrs and other unevenness from walls and ceilings
  • Thermo-Whirljet for thin coatings and lightly abrasive materials: Thermoplastic coatings, Paint, Graffiti, thin glue residues on concrete or screed, Rubber based coatings. Reduced weight with the FLEX flange. The grinding disc with the angular arranged diamond segments allows for a quicker work rate than with normal disc. The large dimensioned delta shaped holes in the discs causes an air vortex that removes all dust from the working surface and prevents the segments from clogging or overheating and so reducing wear. The light weight disc reduces wear on the motor. Not for use on edges.
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