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BSE 14-3 INOX SetOrder no. 433.454

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Technical attributes
Power input1400 watt
Power output880 watt
Max. tool Ø125 mm
Tool width100 mm
Tool fixture19 mm
Belt speed3,5-10 m/sec
Belt dimensions760 x 40 mm
Pipe Ø max.125 mm
No load speed1000-3500 rpm
Cable length4,0 m
Weight3,6 kg
Standard equipment
1 sanding attachment, pipe belt BR 125433.470
1 sanding attachment for burnishing BS 100433.462
1 rubber air roller433.896
1 air pump256.284
1 sanding-polishing belt S 600326.917
1 superfinishing band S 1500326.933
1 sanding belt MESHFLEX A 2401 piece of 326.879
1 sanding belt MESHFLEX A 4001 piece of 326.852
5 sanding belts CORUFLEX P 805 pieces of 326.739
5 sanding belts CORUFLEX P 1205 pieces of 326.755
5 sanding belts CORUFLEX P 2205 pieces of 326.771
1 carrying case L-BOXX® 238414.093
1 case insert433.918

Burnishing machine and pipe belt sander TRINOXFLEX Set

  • Microprocessor control: speed selection, tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, restart protection after power failure, overload protection and temperature monitoring
  • Unique tool attachment with quick-action coupling for tool-free changing of the system attachments for burnishing and pipe belt sanding
  • Variably adjustable burnishing attachment, allows working close up to the edge, also suitable for narrow rollers, incl. edge guide. Tool-free grinding tool change via patented quick-change system
  • Completely cast electronic components prevents damage due to metal dust. The 3-fold winding protection reduces motor wear, increases service life
  • Sanding belt dimension: 760 x 40 mm
  • High-quality, spring-mounted sanding arm: light alloy with 2 deflection rollers. For optimum wrap-round on pipes, up to max. 270°
  • Sanding belt replacement: quick and tool-free
  • Single-pole switch
  • Spindle lock
  • Adjustable guard: for sanding tools up to Ø 125 mm
  • For optimum finishing of various materials, for burnishing, texturing, polishing, brushing, smoothing, de-rusting and deburring steel and stainless steel surfaces
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» Sanding attachment, pipe belt
» Rubber air roller
» Expansion roller
» Air pump
» Drive roller
» Poli-clean
» Flap wheel sanding
» Sanding fleece top
» Sanding fleece
» Sanding fleece flap
» Grinding fleece, folded
» Fine polishing roller
» Nylon brushes
» Stainless steel wire brush
» Stranded wire brushes
» Polishing felt
» Cotton buffing wheel
» Sanding-polishing sleeve
» Sanding sleeve ZIRCOFLEX
» Sanding sleeve CERAFLEX
» Sanding sleeve CORUFLEX
» Sanding sleeve MESHFLEX
» Velcro sanding belt
» Velcro fleece
» Superfinishing band
» Velcro drive belt, blue
» Adhesive tape for sanding belt
» Case insert
» Carrying case L-BOXX®
» Sanding belt ZIRCOFLEX
» Sanding belt CERAFLEX
» Sanding belt CORUFLEX
» Sanding belt MESHFLEX
» Distance ring set

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